by Honeysuckle

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Special thanks to
Converse Rubber Tracks,
The Record Company,
Herd Studios,
Club Passim (and the Iguana Music Fund Grants),
Heavy Rotation Records,
Tom Cruz Productions


released March 24, 2016

Produced by Chris Bloniarz
Mixed by Benny Grotto
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Album artwork by Lucya Turowski
Layout and design by Becky Levine and Chris Cruz

Electric bass on tracks 1, 2, 5, 10 by Ian Jones

Tracks 3, 5, 10 engineered by Chris Bloniarz
assisted by Pat Shine and Bryant Lewis

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 engineered by Seth Manchester
overdubs engineered by Colin Fleming

Tracks 7, 8, 9 engineered by Colin Fleming



all rights reserved


Honeysuckle Boston, Massachusetts

Honeysuckle is a progressive folk act that blends older influences and traditional instrumentation with modern effects and inspiration.
In 2015, Honeysuckle performed at Newport Folk Festival, was chosen as a Converse Rubber Tracks artist, and was nominated for Best Folk Artist of the Year, and Best Americana Artist of the Year at the annual Boston Music Awards.
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Track Name: It's Getting Late
So it goes roll the dice let the cards fall

Make me a nice strong drink

to hold back the tears and the memories

I must have lived 100 lifetimes

I know that time’s a crooked road

& I don’t expect for you to know me

but I wonder if you could guide me home

it’s getting late

so it seems trade in the picket fence

for some childish dreams

hand in your wedding ring

You’re haunted by the ghosts of what could have been

I must have spent 100 lifetimes

To know that time’s a crooked road

& just for you to get to know me

So now I wonder if you could guide me home

it’s getting late

time let go of me, you’ve taken all I can give

leave me something I can hold x2

so we fall try to make sense of it all

your eyes grow dark,

your heartbeat’s turned to a funeral march

but it’s just a changing of the seasons

I know you never really knew yourself

but I’ll still try to find a reason

for why you would put me through this hell

but it’s getting late, it’s getting late
Track Name: Canary
The call of the ore

Stretched the lengths of the plains

And drew all the men to the iron ore range

& From the windows I would watch

Them gain in white and loose in black

Here in the dark no need to be scared

‘cause I will be your guiding hand

And in the shafts

When they wouldn’t come back

Cold red faces dressed in black

Their dormant lips had sealed their fate

Without a warning they knew too late

Here in the dark no need to be scared

‘cause I will be your guiding hand

scorched throats sang funeral songs

and asked why they had been undone

until canary like the sun came down down down

into the mines

Now trees and leaves grow through the floors

And in the mines there rots the ore

And for those who never came back

Canary sings for those dressed in black

Here in the dark no need to be sacred

‘cause I will be your guiding hand
Track Name: Board That Plane
Blue eyes cut like bayonet blades

Blood poured out

from the wounds we’d made

Old scars don’t always fade

I carved out a home, you carved in your name

And lover the guilt remains

breathing down my neck, running through my days

If I could take it all back would you want to forget me?

if we board that plane bound for the pearly gates would you claim me?

Arrows from younger days lie broken now in a shallow grave

held you from my fingertips

when the music stopped well I lost my grip

traced all the steps we’d made

when the ink ran out I lost my way

if I could take it all back would you want to forget me?

When we board that plane bound for the pearly gates will you forgive me?
Track Name: Skincolor
Walking away from your old stoop

My pockets full of change and all my

Minds are through

My head is as clear as the sky

Though an indigo that flows

Between my limbs and leaves me dry

You change the color of my skin

The sharper the air gets

The more I tend to squint as if I’ve lost my eyes

Looking for places to belong

Sunday afternoon will leave you

Staring down the line

You change the color of my skin

As the pattern gets subtle

Being swept along no longer is enough


Where you’ll find me now

Check beneath your furrowed brow

We unbinded now

Till I meet you in the sky

And in the end could we undo

The blue in you and me that seemed to follow

Close behind

Remember the way that you used to

Loosen all the rules in me

And then you lost your mind

You change the color of my skin
Track Name: Vagabond
Nomad you’ve forgotten your own name

So now you howl at the moon, you laugh at the stars

You say, “you don’t know anything at all about us” x2

You made your home out of the road

You live beneath the trees among the leaves

Along the streets where no one goes

You say, “they don’t know anything at all about us”

you’re carved into the canyon,

swallowed by the river,

grew beneath the redwoods,

called a highway rambler

but don’t look back

look back
Track Name: Dog Song
I don’t mind losing my mind

Leave all my troubles behind

Steal what I can from the super market

I don’t mind losing two years

Feels like fourteen around here

Most of my friend can’t wait to meet me

Is it too late to come home,

Will the door still be open?

With the fire in the stove

And the rocking chair croaking

Promise I’ll never run away again

I don’t mind Sunday come three

If Sunday doesn’t mind me

Licking my wounds with a

Whiskey snake tongue

I don’t mind you don’t mind me

Let me kiss both of your cheeks

Goodbye’s just afraid of hello

To the next place

Is it too late to come home,

Will the door still be open?

With the ash in the silt

And the circle unbroken

I promise I’ll never run away again
Track Name: Collect The Dust
Sunday he died alone

The pigeons scattered from the rooftops

As the stars fell upon the rocky shores

The ocean opened wide

to catch the lost & lonely souls

but nothing should surprise me in the night

little bird upon the shelf asked me,

“could I be someone

that you could learn to love?”

“The truth is, you’re far too lovely

for a heart like mine, I’ll leave you here

to collect the dust and I will look at you

from time to time.”

Cut that caused regret

Flies aligned along the bathroom floor

Clothes left on the line

She doesn’t live here anymore

Nothing should surprise me when the sun

Goes down

Little bird when the hours are still…
Track Name: Waking Up
Something’s gotta change

Or I’m gonna run away again

Waking up is strange

When waking up is all that happens

Hell I don’t wanna play

Dead end rock and roll in the cellar

With friends that fade away

In years that I’m supposed to enjoy it

He’s not who he was

Some cigarettes and empty bottles

It fades back from eyes

It fades from all the places abandoned

Somewhere on the sea

The ashes of a cradle neglected

Not afraid to die

Can’t tell if it’s over or starting
Track Name: Ill Defined Lines
Meet me at the bottom of this well

Or meet me at the bottom of this bottle

And I hope like hell there ain’t no one up there

To hear my thoughts

Never felt so alive or near death

It’s all in my head

I don’t see what you see in me

Just blurs and ill-defined lines

Like time

The tie that binds us here

Stay awake a little while longer

Cause I always want

to remember you this way

but don’t look in my eyes

they’ll only turn your heart to stone,

like mine

but I’m still aching for that one kiss

that’ll lay you to rest

in my heart

it’s all in my head
Track Name: Waiting For The Sun
Hollow bones and empty nests

With just a song inside our chests

Just like two blackbirds there waiting for the sun

Just like two black birds waiting for the sun

And to think we reckoned

We’d be warm in summer clothes

A wind from the highways tangled up out twisted souls

A wind from the highways tangled up our twisted souls

Asked myself, “are you afraid to die?”

See my skin through holey jeans

Time’s been pulling at my seams

The night times & evenings no slumber have I found

Till When I am lying 6 feet underground

But there’s a special medicine

Made for people wandering

A melody you could sing until your days are done

just like two blackbirds waiting for the sun

I’m not afraid to die